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To this date July 31st 2021:

We are getting shipments of bikes for the last 2 weeks, and every week until the fall.

If you are looking to purchase a bike or an electric bike, contact us !


Update COVID-19


Check here for news about Covid-19 and the way we work.


Our priority is to keep our customers safe and to get you out riding as quickly as possible.


If you want to buy a bicycle or e-bike, etc.

Browse our website before you come in, send your questions by email

and we will help you discover your perfect purchase!


An appointment is necessary for tune-ups and repairs, for bikes and e-bikes.


 email: contact@rouemanie.ca

emails will be returned within 24 hours.


 Tél: (514) 637-8870

Thank you for your understanding!


Visit our web site regularly for information on our products.





Citi Pro Velec
Citi Pro Velec

Citi, the new Velec E-bike for 2020.

With an slick battery, fast charge (approx. 1h30) and weighs only 18 kg!

Citi Plus Velec
Citi Plus Velec

"...cones and construction sites in Montreal, we have them for decades!", was saying a reporter.


That is why getting a bike or e-bike is an excellent idea to get around town!

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